I have set myself a challenge: to change something in my life each week for a year, so I can
limit MY impact on the human and physical environment whilst living a regular life in the city.
Please help me by adding a comment with ideas and hints!

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Curb the clutter

I have lived an entire lifetime since my last post.

1 year abroad,
1 house,
2 kids,


Marie Kondo, the Minimalist movement and so many others rejecting materialism and looking to live simply have inspired me to shed possessions and seek a simpler more manageable life. To me that means constant trips to the op-shop to make donations (and regular posts on fb marketplace), always having a bag or box in the passageway ready to go, denying my natural tendencies of hoarding and buying AND encouraging my family.

BUT it is rather tricky...

Sometimes I do want  a n o t h e r  pair of shoes or book or or or and do not need it. And often my children are gifted toys, usually stuffed toys (ARG stuffed toys they are the WORST).

I have been particularly inspired by books about living simply and watching those who do it well. I am currently reading "On Pilgrimage" by Dorothy Day, she writes of her daily experiences on a farm with a back-to-basics lifestyle. Whilst I would love to live on a farm that is not possible (for now) and along with parenting 2 kids I work part time as a school teacher. Life is always slightly more hectic than I intend it to be. I thoroughly need to have less stuff. Not only do I breathe easier, I have less to clean, tidy and organise. Everyone wins.

Here are my 5 rules to help (myself) live more by having less

Give away whenever possible, whatever I can
Make do & mend
Shop fewer times a month (my hubby noticed a difference in our savings = WIN)
Buy good quality stuff in the first place
If it doesn't spark joy, well what's the point (Thanks Konmari)

What do you do to curb the clutter?

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


I am extremely proud of my students who have caught the green bug. They ran a recycled clothing store, promoting green living on campus and raised some money for a good cause. Great to see active citizenship in action.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

I get by with a little help

Thanks to those around me who
avoid buying new things,
make a sacrificial effort to buy fair trade,
grow their own food,
buy local and organic,
organise clothes swaps,
make and fix clothing and homeware,
use the bus,
rides their bikes,
walk instead of drive,
switch appliances off at the plug,

I am inspired to do the same.
Thank you

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Vampirish tale

Good intentions, but bloody outcomes.  I walked away from the blood donor van proudly, I had donated in under 5minutes, not bad for a slight female.  But the bandage on my arm was conspicuous so holding my bag firmly in my donor arm I ripped the bandage off.  Blood trickled down my elbow and passing shoppers were disgusted.  A scrunched bandage couldn't quite cover the mess. Friends sipped their coffee, trying to ignore my ruby arm.  Decidedly I sought the restroom but rinsing my bloodied arm gave fellow patrons fuel for gossip.

Don't let this dissuade you.  Blood donating is a breeze, but DO NOT remove the bandage.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Sewing bloggers

I have found so many creative bloggers who are extra generous and share their patterns and tutorials online.  Just finished a skirt. x
Check out this great website if you want to be inspired by Jessica's creativity: running with scissors

Christmas in 1 month

Convinced my husband to climb a tree in our yard and saw off a branch as our Christmas tree.  Sustainable and no carbon emmissions on production, manufacture or transportand no petrochemicals used!  It does look a little creative, lobsided and rather odd, but I've put up some energy efficient LED lights from IKEA and a few wooden decorations.  There's a greener way to do everything! 

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Precious junk

Purchasing a 50 year old house without intending major renovations and driving 1 small family car which is over 10 years old makes me feel very eco-friendly.

Until I calculated my ecological footprint.

Easy changes:
Growing veggies & herbs
Planting a lemon tree

Other changes:
Removing a dead tree by hand/axe/saw without electrical tools
Installing a heat pump solar hot water system (thankfully our house had this)

Really small changes:
Switching off electrical items on standby, even my husband is doing this now
Reusing toilet roll tubes as decomposable seedling pots
Washable in place of disposeable kitchen cloths

Biggest change: I'd planned to furnish my home with wonderful IKEA goodies, but found a perfectly great lounge set on council pick up day. Spent time recovering the seats and am enjoying the results.